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NAITT is a very well equipped modern laboratory of its kind in India with professional and highly experienced faculty for training in various types of

By learning one of NAITT's Job Oriented Courses, you can get EMPLOYED AND START EARNING IMMEDIATELY!

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These courses help students establish themselves in the professional method of servicing, repair and maintenance in various technical fields as well as build a strong foundation in management that help students tackle various business challenges.

The course curriculum at NAITT develops and trains excellence in the core skill set required to solve problems that businesses face everyday. The individual practical training and sound theory provided is far advanced which has helped students find VERY GOOD JOBS in INDIA AND ABROAD with Reputed Companies, Industries, Service Centers and Leading Service Providers across the Globe.

The FEE Structures are so designed that they are the lowest in the market so as to enable the weaker sections of the society to have an opportunity to experience the best technical training available today and to get a JOB immediately.

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The history of NAITT speaks for itself. With 23 years of successful training operation, our students who are well placed in different reputed organizations worldwide prove the quality of education at NAITT and the confidence it has earned from the wide spectrum of the people.

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